Online roulette game: old rules, new opportunities

A classic element of the world of bright lights, a high level of adrenaline and gambling entertainment – roulette, like most slot machines, has received a new virtual incarnation.

The advantage of the online version of the game is obvious: access to the top right from home, work, restaurant, any other place where there is Internet access. Moreover, virtual roulette is available around the clock and allows you to choose the level of risk: play for fun or real money.

A small historical excursion

The founder of roulette, like wheels, is unknown. However, both inventions share a common name: the French use the word roulette to mean a small wheel.

Despite many legends about the origin of the game, only two geographical regions stand out: Ancient China and France. The most popular is the second hypothesis, especially its interpretation, where the authorship of the roulette wheel is attributed to the mathematician Pascal.

Among the reliable facts about the game, one can single out the journey of the top overseas at the end of the 18th century, caused by the Great French Revolution, as well as the addition of the “0” sector in 1842. The innovators were the French brothers Blanc. The Americans went further. The entrepreneurial spirit and the lust for profit have spilled over into two sectors of zero.

The emergence of a virtual rival

Interest in online roulette grew in proportion to the massive spread of the global network. Emerging at the beginning of the new millennium, web casinos have endowed the game with unprecedented popularity. Currently, online roulette is hundreds of slot machines that represent various modifications of the game. The unifying factor of the Roulette emulators is the classic base:

  • The playing field and wheel, divided into 37/38 sectors, including single / double zero.
  • 10 types of bets from straight (single number) to groups covering 18 numbers (red / black, even / odd, high / low).
  • The transition of bets in the casino when the zero sector falls out.

The principal advantage of simulators is the ability to play online roulette for free. This is a great way to practice the rules without financial risks. Another attractive application of demo machines is checking mathematical models that are regularly created for winning strategies.

Maximum information content

This is an important difference between virtual machines, especially used when playing online roulette for money. The emulator provides the gambler with detailed statistical calculations, including:

  • a long list of the last winning numbers;
  • “Hot” and “cold” numbers, where the ball stops as often or extremely rarely;
  • percentages to determine how often each bet is played.
  • The data obtained can be recorded, analyzed without worrying about time: the virtual dealer will always wait.


The next argument is to play online roulette slots. Realism creates background music, croupier announcements and conversational noise that creates the effect of a real audience. For fans of colorful design, roulette simulators provide a number of additional effects: spin replay, scaling of a sector with a ball on the reel.

The slot machine does not require every time to place chips in sectors on a green cloth. The “Last Bet” control will play the last bet, and the “Clear” button will clear the field.

Even more realism
The most attractive online version of the game is live, it can hardly be called virtual. There are several reasons for this:

  • video roulette is broadcast from a real web studio,
  • the process is managed live by a professional croupier,
  • rivals are real players.

Live slots have appeared relatively recently, but have already gained popularity among the gambling public. Playing with real rivals means different stimuli and emotions. In addition, the whole process of drawing: from the start of the top to the stop of the ball on a real wheel, is in front of the gambler’s eyes, which eliminates even suspicions of foul play.

The only drawback of Live machines is that only cash bets are accepted. You won’t be able to play for free here.

What else you need to know about online roulette

The choice of the version of the game in online casinos : American, European or French is not so relevant. The more important parameter is the rate level. There are standard slot machines with a $ 100 limit at stake, as well as High Limit Roulette, where the maximum bet reaches $ 500.
Roulette simulators provide the most comfortable playing conditions, regardless of the preferences of the gamer. Switching from a demo device to cash rates is a matter of seconds, turning off sound effects is a matter of one click. Even the dynamism of the gameplay is increased by blocking animation effects.

It is enough to choose the turbo game mode so that the distractions do not cause discomfort to the overly gambling person.

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